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Age: 43 · Sant Joan
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Age: 32 · Madrid
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Age: 35 · Valencia
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Age: 47 · Málaga
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Age: 34 · Zaragoza
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Age: 48 · Alicante
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Age: 43 · Marbella
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Age: 41 · Toledo

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Do you need help, are you lost looking for your new love? Aurelia Agency is here to help you.

Our team is at your disposal to clarify any doubts you may have. Contact us and we will help you in the process of conquering your future partner. If you prefer, you can message us by WhatsApp.

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We are one of the most experienced marriage agencies in the sector.

50 years at your service are our guarantee.

Our job is to offer you the possibility to meet and find that person with whom you can share your life, feel not only physical attraction but also inner affinity and with whom you can fall in love…

What sets us apart

We are not just a matchmaking platform, we are a space where human connections are at the heart of everything. Our focus is on truly understanding each person, providing a warm and personalised environment where you can feel valued.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t focus on the quantity of profiles or matches, but on the quality of the connections we facilitate.

We stand out for our integrity and transparency in all our interactions. Our clients can be confident that they will receive a professional and ethical service at all times.

At Agencia Aurelia the search for love goes beyond profiles and photos; it’s about building real connections.

Data protection

The protection of information is an essential aspect for Agencia Aurelia. This is why we have implemented a rigorous security policy, complying with all relevant European Union regulations on data protection.


Follow these tips to find a partner

We want to give you some tips to make it easier for you to look for and find a serious and stable partner. Once we think we are ready for a relationship, all we have to do is wait, and you can start the process by subscribing to our website. Many people say that love is not sought after, it comes unannounced. There is a lot of truth in this statement, and that is that we cannot force a relationship. Finding a partner has to be something relatively simple, spontaneous and relaxed. To be completely open to it, we can follow a series of steps:

Closes past doors

Issues of mistrust, detachment and past insecurities take their toll on couple dynamics. If we want to avoid hurting the other person, it is important to forget the past and live in the present.

Learn to trust

Each person is unique and unrepeatable, and experiences with other individuals should not generate distrust if what we want is to have a new, serious and stable partner. Opening up to new experiences and learning to trust can be the key to starting a new relationship.

Be patient

As mentioned above, patience is extremely important in finding a partner. If we look for people indiscriminately, without stopping to think whether they are good company or not, we are likely to have bad experiences that we could have avoided with a little more patience.

Love comes, there is no point in rushing into this aspect of our life. In the end you will get it and you will find love.

Enjoy and learn

Once we find the person with whom we want to start sharing our life, it is important to enjoy every moment with them, without fearing that it will end and learning from new experiences. We cannot know for sure when a relationship will end but we can squeeze every moment and enjoy the company of that person to the fullest.

From Aurelia Agency we hope these tips will be useful to all our clients and friends. Stable relationships, love, friendship, contacts with friends, contacts with girlfriends, marriage, looking for girls and boys.

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