Organized singles matchmaking tours

We have thousands of clients of all nationalities, both men and women, in our databases.

Many of these foreigners live in Spain, speak our languages and want to find a partner. Others live in their home countries and we organise trips to their home cities, so that you can get to know them.

By means of catalogues and videos that we will show you, we make a selection of the people you would like to meet. We organise the trip to suit each client, personalising it down to the smallest detail.

We organize trips to different countries

We are pioneers and leaders in our organized trips to Holland, Asia, USA, Russia, Latin America… Finding and searching for a partner on the Internet, in countries such as Italy, France, Asia, North America, Eastern Europe, Mexico and all over the world is one more option we can offer to our clients.

In Eastern countries, people remain more traditionalist and are educated and trained for the family, the most important pillar of a society. Moreover, it is exactly what our clients who are looking for a partner ask us for.

They are educated and highly educated, and their nobility and generosity stand out, as well as their great physical attractiveness.

Our translators will be at your disposal throughout your stay abroad if you wish, even though 70% of people speak English and more and more speak Spanish.

We take care of preparing all the documentation and travel arrangements for your partner for him or her to come to Spain.

Our constant exchange of profiles between all our marriage agencies around the world makes it easier to find that person you would like to meet.

If you wish, we can arrange for your partner to study Spanish for a month, while we make the preparations, so that it will be easier for you to communicate when you are together.

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