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If you want a stable relationship, seek and find men, women or your ideal partner, make new friends, don´t hesitate, please contact us. You can meet women, men or people from the same city or town and from the whole world if you wish.

If you do not have time or can not travel to meet them in person you may send us a recent photo or video, your personal data and describe us the type of a person you would like to meet. Complete the online registration form with your personal data and we will contact you with people who would like to know.

You can register in our centre without any time limits and without any limit submissions to find the person who would like to know. It means that we will provide time and presentations that every person needs. There are people who think that one or two presentations will be enough, and there are others who need more presentations and more time.

Our service also includes those cases in which a customer maintain a relationship of months or years and after this time breaks the relationship. We can keep on contacting you with the people who are similar to you without having to make any further payment.

If you do not know or can not upload your photos and videos to publish your ad, you can send it to us, and we will upload them for you.

Search and find a partner on the Internet easily.

The registration fee is 1,500 €, which may be paid in the following ways:

With our system of payment by instalments you will be able to pay comfortably.

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